Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Long Night

With eyes tight shut
I turn on my memory.
Open the boxes
I'd closed in my mind.

Trace with my fingers
The lines of your face.
Search through reflections
And try hard to find

The feelings I had
When I first saw you standing.
Arms strong, in the meadow
With dirt at your feet.

But time lumbers on
Anasthetic, and heartless
Erasing your features
The bitter, the sweet

Are all gone, and I feel such a stifling peace
As I open my eyes and give up, find release.


Amity said...

Nostalgic thoughts Carina, we often end up reminiscing the wonderful and some more painful memories of the past...:)

LOved this poem of yours dear!


Rinkly Rimes said...

A great deal of poetic regret

anthonynorth said...

Beautifully done. Memory and how it works is a fascinating subject for the poet.

Lilibeth said...

When you get around to it, your poems are lovely.

Dee Martin said...

This is quite beautiful - the phrase stifling peace got me. Interesting combination. Those kind of surprises always get me.

Angel said...

Wonderful pace to this one.

Tumblewords: said...

stifling peace - is an unusual combination but it seems to work in this piece!

one more believer said...

recall can be tragic in it's face..thou i like how you close killer lines...

ThomG said...

time can be a friend, or a foe, as you've written here.