Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Helpless Hero

If you were in danger,
I'd run to your side.
I'd hold you, and carry you,
Help you to hide.
I'd fight all your enemies;
Tell you to run.
I'd stand in your place;
Shelter you from the guns.

And Babe, if they hurt you
I'd take up your pain.
Bind all your wounds
Shelter you from the rain.
I'd give you fresh water
If you were in thirst.
I'd feed you and care for you.
Run to you first.

But what can I do, Love
When you're full of tears,
When all of your dangers
Are sadness and fears?
How can I rescue you?
What can I say?
How can a human
Take heart break away?

I'll hold you and whisper
My love, and I'll try
To give you the freedom
To hurt, and to cry.


Matt Merritt said...

"Run you to first" is a wonderful image. It's a perfect contrast to the real dangers and needs you describe, pain, thirst, physical threats. It rings so true that the fear in a Tball game can be just as terrifying as something more obviously a threat.

And the pain of a parent at a loss to help at the end is so touching.

Nicely done.

oldegg said...

This is a beautiful piece of poetry and so full of loving care.