Monday, June 11, 2012

Overdue Translation and Explanation

I just realized that I never translated my poem last year, so here it is for the two of you who read this blog, but don't speak Spanish infinitely better than I do.

My Friend

You shine like a diamond
Because the love of the Lord
Fills your heart.

And the light reaches to the heavens
In a fountain of silver and gold.

When I am far away, I can see it,
And my spirit sings with yours.

The blessing of your friendship
Gives me peace during the storm
And light in darkness.

I wrote this specifically for my hispanic friends, who had been an integral part of my days for the last eight years. It has been a year, now, since we moved away, and it is just as true today. They inspire me.

In truth, I feel this way about so many people, and I feel amazingly blessed to have been given the opportunity to know and love some of the truest images of Christ on this earth. My family, immediate and extended, my church friends, my neighbors; everyone who I have had to leave at one moment or another in my life, still lights my way in what can be a dark and ugly world.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Your Song

Today I sit, and try to play your song.
It drags its feet. The tune is weak.
The words all come out wrong.
Because it isn't mine,
It falls and limps along.

God gave you knowledge, gifts...
I waited.
Gave you mercy, love...
Breath bated
Finally you sang and played…

Your songs were full of sorrow, grief,
Loneliness and desperation.
Nothing that could heal or comfort,
Death in place of consecration.

He gave you one more gift,
the best That He can give to man.

You grabbed a hammer, let it fall...
And crushed your hands

So here I sit, and sing this song.
I pray, I wait, I grieve 
Through tears.

And I will try to play your song
Until you're ready.
Even though I wait for all my years.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

I May Not See

I may not see the sun tomorrow morning.
The clouds tonight are heavy, dark and deep.
But even if it’s only in the heavens,
And though the bulging, thundering skies may weep,

There will be a dawn.

For the clouds will still be lit with gold
Even if I, on the earth, below the rain,
Am cold.

All nature will awaken;
The night will still be shattered,
And the ground be shaken.

Though my eyes, my mind, my body
May be trapped here on this world,
My soul, my spirit, cries
With a thousand thundering angels,
Wings unfurled,
As His glory lights the skies.