Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Ballad of the Cookie Sea

There once was a town at the edge of the world,
Where all of the men were brave and free.
But they spent their lives in the wild pursuit
Of the ravenous beast of the dry Cookie Sea.

Their rough-hewn ships were sweet and brown;
Built from the fruit of the cacao tree.
Full-loaded with goods and the tools of their trade
Each day they set sail on the deep Cookie Sea.

Their weapons were mighty, but shrouded in hush,
In buzzing and crackling mystery.
Wearing tall buttered boots, and thick buttered gloves,
The sailors kept watch o'er the still Cookie Sea.

Then one day they saw him, the monster! the beast!
His crooked teeth bared in voracious glee.
His hot, sticky breath filled their senses and sails
As it swept o'er the waves of the vast Cookie Sea.

The men were as brave as the monster was fierce.
Not one of them tempted to slow, or to flee.
They readied their weapons, their wires and rods,
Prepared to do war on the wet Cookie Sea.

They fired their charge, and the light split the sky!
The sailors fought using electricity!
Their ships sent out bolt after bolt toward the beast
As it chomped through the crumbling Cookie Sea.

Alas, though their courage waned not, nor their skill,
The monster was heedless of weapon and plea.
One by one, each ship fell to the ravenous maw
Of the monster devouring the wide Cookie Sea.

But oh, the songs sung by the people who miss them,
And oh, the great statues to their memory!
They'll ne'er be forgotton, those brave sailing men,
And their Shock-olate Ships on the great Cookie Sea!

- To the G children, and especially to the one who will one day learn to say "ch".