Saturday, April 7, 2012

I May Not See

I may not see the sun tomorrow morning.
The clouds tonight are heavy, dark and deep.
But even if it’s only in the heavens,
And though the bulging, thundering skies may weep,

There will be a dawn.

For the clouds will still be lit with gold
Even if I, on the earth, below the rain,
Am cold.

All nature will awaken;
The night will still be shattered,
And the ground be shaken.

Though my eyes, my mind, my body
May be trapped here on this world,
My soul, my spirit, cries
With a thousand thundering angels,
Wings unfurled,
As His glory lights the skies.


Janeva said...

This is beautiful.

Lilibeth said...

A triumphant risen indeed! It's beautiful! Reminds me of the star shining above the clouds that can't be touched with the wretchedness of earth.